Supplication (pray) - دعاء


Date: 07-May-2004

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Language: Punjabi

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Highlights:-Main topic pray and duaa. Subtopics:

- Duaa crux of worship

- No hope from anyone except from Allah

- Any hope from others is Shirk

- Specific Duaas for forgiveness and getting help in troubles

- Pray for parents and their obedience

- Pray for all ancestors, teachers, Muslims

- Pray for easy reckoning on the day of judgement

- Two prays (Namaz) to get help in difficulties

- Duaas taught by Angles haroot and maroot

- Sehr and magic is haraam

- Knowledge of absent things (ilm-e-gaib) only with Allah

- Nobody in the world has any power except with Allah

- No intermediatories to reach Allah

- He says Kun, things happen

- Concept of evolution is not against Kun

- Pray of father of Jaber (RA). Jaber (RA) was brother of 9 sisters. Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed 27 times for him. Miracle of dates happened for Jaber (RA)

- Peace and tranquility in life

- Prays are accepted in any of three forms.