Repentance - توبہ


Date: 02-Apr-2004

Media Type: Audio

Language: Punjabi

Quality: Good (Stereo sound, audio quality adjusted to suite low speed Internet connection)

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Highlights:- Main topic Duaa, Sub-topics:

- Love of Allah (SWT) and Holy Prophet (PBUH)

- Explanation of 2 ayats (Sura Maeda, Ayat 118 and Sura Ibrahim, Ayat 36)

- Is it allowed to pray for Mushrikeen?

- Who will get Shifaat of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

- Three categories of sinners, those who make tauba, those don't and those who delayed a lot

- Can we say Salam to non-Muslims?

- Be thankful to Allah (SWT)

- Definition of Takabbur

- Those who steal or usurp others money or material things, they will not get Shifaat.